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Fastening Screw

Category: Fastener screws

Fastener screws is the flexible screw splice for conveyor belts

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- Configuration of the conveyor belt,

- Access conditions,

- Weather conditions.

The Fastener screws significantly reduces downtime. It can bear service tensions up to 200 N/mm (belt breaking strength up to 2 000 N/mm).

It is available in different qualities of rubber (see below).

Simple and practical, the Fastener screws is versatile !


General data


Fastener screws3563 65 8085100 105 125127 180 200
Belt thickness, mm4-114-134-154-154-137-20,57-20,57-19
Max. belt strength tension, N/mm315630800100012501 800 2000
Mini. Pulley Ø, mm160-200200-300250-350250-400300-350300-400300-500400-800500-1000
Thickness top plate, mm45667897878.5
Thickness bottom plate, mm3,84.25,56


Specific data for coil


Fastener screws3563658085100105125127180200
Coil length, Meter2515
Screw Ø, mm5


Skiving depth first screwed 
part, mm
Skiving depth second 
screwed part, mm
Weight top, Kg11202339433844
Weight bottom, Kg13234741
Qty of screws 
per meter
Qty of screws per complete 
Number of bucket (of 2 500 
screws) needed

2 buckets2 000

Spacers needed

1 box of 250

6 boxes of 25

Number of 25 PZ bag 




- Installation without need of physical strength
- Quick installation (saves downtime)
- Installation under all weather condition
- Installation using battery operated screw driver, 
no need of electricity power 
- No use/need of expensive equipment
- No need of highly skilled operator
- Wear and cut resistant
- High tensile strength
- Flexible

- Can be used for a bridge even with different belt carcass

- Suitable for high-heat belt up to 200°C

- Compatible with small pulley diameter

- Compatible with conveyor scraper

- No drilling preparation, no template

- Self tapping screws through the belt

- Available on coil or «ready to use» cut lengths

- Many rubber qualities available