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  • PVC conveyor belt

PVC conveyor belt

Category: Solid Braided Conveyor Belt

The belt body does not delaminate, has high strength, low elongation, impact resistance, friction resistance and tear resistance.

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Features: belt body does not delaminate, high strength, low elongation, impact resistance, friction resistance, tear resistance

Purpose: suitable for conveying materials under dry conditions with an inclination angle of 16 degrees or less

Application: Suitable for conveying dry materials under the condition of an angle of 16 degrees.

Technical requirements: implement the MT914-2008 "Fabric Whole Core Flame Retardant Conveyor Belt for Coal Mines" standard.


Product numberTensile Strength  (min)
Warp vertical(N/mm)Weft(N/mm)
680S/Level 4 680S/Level 4680265
800S/Level 5 800S/Level 5800 280
1000S/Level 6 1000S/Level 61000300
1250S/Level 71250S/Level 71250350
1400S/Level 8 1400S/Level 81400350
1600S/Level 9 1600S/Level 91600400
1800S/Level 10 1800S/Level 101800400
2000S/Level 11 2000S/Level 112000400
2240S/Level 12 2240S/Level 122240450
2500S/Level 13 2500S/Level 132500450
2800S/Level 14 2800S/Level 142800450
3100S/Level 15 3100S/Level 153100450

Safety performance: The conveyor belt is self-extinguishing to flame combustion, has excellent flame-retardant properties, and has good electrostatic properties.

Minimum diameter diameter selection (relative reference)

Standard selection

Minimum transmission

Scroll wheel

siameter (mm)
680S/Level 4 680S/Level 4320
800S/Level 5 800S/Level 5400
1000S/Level 6 1000S/Level 6500
1250S/Level 7 1250S/Level 7500
1400S/Level 8  1400S/Level 8630