Energy generation

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Reliable and efficient transportation of bulk materials

In rough terrain, cargo transportation (for example, through trucks) involves a lot of work and costs. When you use the Berman belt conveyor, you can not only save a lot of time and effort, but also reduce the cost of earthwork and transfer stations —— while benefiting from lower personnel costs. At the same time, you contribute to environmental protection by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and reducing noise emissions compared to truck and rail transportation.

With its huge potential for savings and low maintenance costs, rapid amortization of the system is another reason for success. Intelligent feed controls can optimize the use of drives and belts when faced with different height contours. Advanced drive technology and high quality low wear and low maintenance components can reduce system costs and extend service life.

Simple ecological energy regeneration

In the case of descending transport, the motor operates in a regenerative mode so that electricity can be generated from the kinetic energy of the transported material. Most motors operating in the motor drive and regeneration modes are adjustable. This allows for an optimal load allocation on the driving unit under different operating conditions. Under some load conditions, the system operates in a regeneration mode. The electricity generated electricity is fed into the market through the regenerative feedback unit, thus reducing the operating cost of the entire system.

Customer support for the belt conveyor

Good engineering design, fast and reliable field service and optimal supply of spare parts perfect our products and ensure the high reliability of the system.

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